Adriano Vivas

Traveller, wine enthusiast, music and nature lover. Promoting sustainable products and more balanced trading flows.

Adriano got his degree in International Trade at the age of 22, and soon after that he was employed by Santa Ana / La Mascota (part of Peñaflor, the biggest wine company in Argentina), where he worked as Area and then Export Manager for almost 8 years.

He travelled to over 60 countries and had a key role in the growth of its export operation, opening new markets and developing a more premium portfolio, including an organic range.

When he started to feel the need of a change, he embarked on a life changing trip to New Zealand and Southeast Asia with his partner Julia, where they stayed for almost one year. 

Upon his return in Mendoza, he started working with smaller family owned wineries and also got the confidence to try some music-related hobbies like hosting a radio show and playing music as a dj.

He was also partner for 3 years at INDIGO, one of the most respected organic stores in Mendoza, and he recently completed an inspiring course about Phytotherapy. 

Finally, in November 2018, Adriano started the challenge of launching NOW with five wineries that are quite different each other, but all sharing the idea of working together towards similar goals, trying to expand the consumption of more authentic and sustainable wines.