Bodega Nanni

Finca San José de Chimpa, Cafayate, at 1,800 meters above sea level

Bodega Nanni takes special care of its wines from the beginning of the process; that is why 100% of the production derives from its own organic vineyards located in San José de Chimpa estate, 10 Km east of the town of Cafayate, with a total extension of 2,000 hectares where they have around 50 planted hectares.

Nanni is a pioneer in many aspects. The winery is one of the oldest wine producers in Argentina, starting its operation in 1897. They were one of the first companies to get the organic certification, in 1996. And Nanni was also one of the first to develop Tannat as a single premium varietal, which is nowadays one of the flagship grapes in the region, along with the Torrontés.

Located at an altitude of 1,800 meters above sea level with sandy loam, poor and deep soils, an average annual rainfall of 80 mm, and a strict wind pattern of 12 hs daily throughout the year, this estate is an ideal place for producing very healthy and aromatic grapes, free from the use of pesticides or fungicides of any kind.